Species Space Pirate
Type Commander/Phazon
Affiliation Space Pirate Hierarchy
Birth Unknown
Death None
Weapon of choice Typically he likes to use other people to fight, but he can go into Hypermode if he has to.
Relatives Two children, Celum and Ceriet
See also EMV Luxor

Halley Kiraviem is one of the seven Admirals of the Pirate hierarchy. While he commands the Luxor and enjoys it, his true love is for science, specifically Phazon weaponry. In fact, the only reason he is an admiral at all is due to his corruption that has allowed him to become the head of the Science Team, thereby earning a spot amongst the other Admirals to represent the massive scientific side of the Pirates' empire.


While not the most significant character in Facetroid, he was the key part of the White Pirate Rebellion, or, for that matter, why it did not succeed. Should he have joined the rebellion, a large part of the Pirate population would have joined him as well, resulting in an almost unsurmountable force.


He knows he's not the kind of person fit to be an Admiral, as he tends to avoid conflict and tends to quell it through submission, but he knows that he is a valuable part of the hierarchy. When he enters Hypermode, he becomes more aggressive and confrontational, but for the most part he tends to be the opposite.