Hexagon (250x250)

Arl's actual face.

Species human
Gender male
Skin Varies from pale to tan
Eyes Green, with brown Central Heterochromia
Hair brownish blonde
Affiliation The Facetroid League of Admins
Homeworld Earth
Weapon of choice The keyboard
See also XenArgon

"First rule of relatives, have sex with them, then kill them all before they do the same to you...wait, that's doppelgangers. Still."Edit

Primarily known by the usernames rytokos and Pyr0mrcow, but also by the name Wyatt and many others, Arland Molotave, commonly referred to as Arl, may be the most classy, intelligent and attractive sentient being to ever exist. Some would question whether or not he is indeed human, because humans tend to suck, but you don't question perfection. Especially you.


Literally Out Of NowhereEdit

Arl was introduced to Facetroid by Cameron Fisk, and at first took very little interest, until seeing the Dark Samus page. After following Svychx's adventures for an extended period of time, making fan-art, and becoming HER BIGGEST FAN, he decided to bring a character from his own series, The Traveler, into the story, primarily to get Svychx's attention and write with her.

Time On FacebookEdit

Over his time in Facetroid, Arl has undoubtedly created more pages than anyone else, though whether this is a good or bad thing is debatable. Like most of the admins, he's run a few major events, including the Second Phazon Crisis. Arl also created the original Facetroid League of Admins group, though the idea was mostly Xen's and Jex's; he also created this Wiki, though for a long time it was left abandoned due to lack of anyone interested. He eventually left Facebook due to the group's lack of activity (and the usefulness of the site deteriorating, in addition to constant complaining about that fact by others), during the End of the Universe story arc.


With the revival of Facetroid on Tumblr, Arl is back, running a smaller number of pages, as well as incessantly posting mood music that noone cares about.


Arl is normally very calm and collected, sometimes robotic in both communication and reasoning; however, he also displays a penchant for making posts involving extreme violence and mental torture of characters. He has a tendency to plan things farther in advance than can be considered healthy by any doctor that didn't get their degree in Cuba. In addition, he has a tendency to give vague hints about coming events, much to Xen's annoyance.


Ariel Utemaro


Cynthia Piari

Ekki Humari

Garen Keaton

Guardian A27

Guardian A37

Guardian A51

Guidance System

Kairi Utemaro

Kiki Humari


Malaya Kaleihon


Reivia Utemaro

The Traveler


- Arl is secretly Cleverbot.

- Arland Molotave is also a character from Inner Demons, the same series where The Traveler and The Rocker originate from.