• LeeroyBaggins

    In the beginning, an Admin created The Wiki.

    On the second day, an Admin edited The Wiki.

    On one day however freaking much later, This Admin found The Wiki and spent 2 hours to accomplish absolutely nothing.

    On the hour after the day however freaking much later, This Admin figured out how the frick The Wiki actually works, and made several small edits to The Wiki.

    On the next day... wait... that day is not yet upon us. Eh, you know the rest. Hop-to!

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  • Sylvie Lassiaille


    July 10, 2011 by Sylvie Lassiaille

    So yeah, this is a blog.



    What are you still doing here? Go on and help. Or I swear I'll cut your balls (or boobs, depending who you are) off and sell them to a Krogan! (lol Mass Effect reference much?)

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