Home-Page None, it's under dephusatfacetroid
Species Kriken
Gender None
Skin Red
Eye Red
Hair Literally, the only species that have hair are humans and kinda female Phrygisians almost
Affiliation Galactic Federation
Homeworld Don't have a name yet
Birth Need a year
Death None
Weapon of choice His ice vortex powers
See also Chairman Keaton, Malaya, Dephus

Chairman Marietus is notable for being the youngest senator and chairman to take the position. He favors fixing the government itself rather than passing new laws on issues, and this has made him fairly controversial among older members of the government. He is also a character in my theoretical TV show Dynasty


Despite Cyan not really wanting a child, Ceil was born anyway. He started off shy, tending to cling to Cyan instead of socializing with others. That is, until he discovered his incredible and destructive power, the ability to instantly cool the air around him and simultaneously use it to create a 'blizzard vortex'. He later used this power to save Serena, resulting in the loss of part of his right leg. Since then, he hated the fact that people would either taunt him for it or give him all sorts of special treatment for being disabled, which he disagreed with. This, in turn, caused him to come out of his shell a bit throughout his time in school, and he eventually went into politics seeking to change this, only to realize that the politics themselves were almost as messed up as the people.


Cyan hates his own name, but didn't realize when he named his gun Verdigris and his own son Ceil that both those names were colors too. Needless to say, he flipped out.

Ceil has made four daggers from the remnants of one of his shells. Dephus, Cyan, and Chairman Keaton all have one.