"Nom on that, fatty."Edit

Species Space Pirate
Type Chozo
Eyes Yellow
Affiliation Space Pirate Hierarchy
Homeworld None, EMV Halvaret
Birth Unknown
Death None
Weapon of choice Arm Cannon, Gravity Gun

While technically Captain, Commander sounds better apparently and so she stuck with it. Chondra is one of the more bold commanders, typically preferring to fly fighter jets instead of commanding. However, her achievements despite her age have made her quite respectable, that is, until the scandal with Admiral Dane resulted in her exile.


Facetroid originEdit

She started off as a member of the Followers of the Dark Hunter, albeit a rather passive one, moreso to rebel against the hierarchy than to worship Dark Samus. Either way, when Dark Samus and Admiral Dane fell out of the Void and magically found their way into the Follower hideout, she, along with the others, welcomed them despite Dark Samus promptly going insane and trying eat everyone. Long story short, she ran off with Dane and became part of the GF as much as she hated it.


Since Admiral Dane fell silent for a long time, nothing really happened with Chondra for a while, until his return which also resulted in the unofficial breakup of their engagement (face it, it's not going to happen). She turned instead to Kraid for... something, and Mother Brain's experiments on her two years ago suddenly took effect, resulting in her glorious mutation into a half Pirate half Chozo being. This has also allowed her to use other Chozo tech such as the Gravity Suit.


As a summary, she's strong-willed. She doesn't exactly know when to shut up, and sometimes her rage powers get the better of her, but she tends to speak her mind.


  • Chondra has a son named Khail.