The face of depression.

Species Vanerian
Gender Male
Skin Green
Eyes Yellow-Red
Affiliation Galactic Federation
Weapon of choice Coffee cup
See also Malaya Kaleihon

"Please kill me."Edit

Former Chairman of the Galactic Federation, Garen Keaton is known to constantly complain about his job, acquaintances, and life, but is actually a very caring person, doing what he must for the sake of the universe and his promises to the Chozo.


Metroid MangaEdit

Keaton first appears as a Senator/Congress Member who is opposed to war against the Space Pirates, favoring the Federation merely defending themselves and not involving or worrying citizens, a position which the Chozo Old Bird mostly agrees with. Over time, he becomes a Chairman alongside Vogl, who later gives the position completely to Keaton, trusting him to do what is necessary to protect the Federation. He keeps this position for a long time.

Super Metroid ComicEdit

Later on, Keaton leaves his position as Chairman and leads the Federation Police, though most decisions are left to former leader Chief Hardy. Due to the Chief's incompetence, he takes the position from Hardy.

Peace TalksEdit

Keaton chooses a man named Von Kruger for the position of Chief, and eventually decides to retake his position as Chairman (which is easily regained due to his previous popularity). He is first seen in Facetroid taking part in the peace negotiations between the Space Pirates and the Federation; at which time, he smashes a coffee cup over his Grand General Secretary's head for calling Chondra a "damn crab", making him a bit of a symbol to equal rights groups and anti-military groups alike, and the coffee cup an icon.

End of the UniverseEdit

Before the Federation, Space Pirates and other factions set off for the focus point of the dimensional collapse, Keaton is captured by long-time acquaintance Malaya Kaleihon's Rythe Congregation and replaced by a clone, a puppet using Keaton's position to assist with their cause. Later found with Malaya and caught up in the events on planet Torqueo, Keaton primarily assists in the coordination of Federation forces.


Following the aftermath of the End of the Universe arc, Keaton is replaced as Chairman by Morton Valenti, due to the Senate becoming suspicious of Vanerian involvement and a gain in Humanist influence. When Valenti's plans fail and the human is slain, Reivia Utemaro suggests Ceil Marietus as a potential replacement; Keaton agrees, and supports Ceil, becoming a diplomatic emissary and trusted adviser within the new administration.


Publicly, Keaton is revered as the figure of wisdom who saw the Federation though it's first, fairly even war with the Space Pirates; privately, he's known for his unending depression and love of coffee.


- Like most Vanerians, Keaton is able to produce magnetic fields through his antennae; this ability seems to strengthen during rare displays of anger.

- Keaton's clone had purple eyes.