Senator Alvarez

Species Unknown
Gender genderless
Skin red/orange
Eyes grey, pupilless
Affiliation Galactic Federation
Homeworld Unknown
Birth Unknown
See also Garen Keaton, Ceil Marietus, Reivia Utemaro


Ironically one of the more well-known former members of the Federation Senate, Alvarez rarely appeared for Senate duties due to a mysterious state of constant illness. He did appear for certain important meetings, but tended to still be sick during those.



The first time that Alvarez appeared in Facetroid was briefly after Morton Valenti was elected Chairman of the Galactic Federation. In response to Valenti saying "…Senator Alvarez. I don’t believe we’ve met.", Alvarez responded with "And I still don’t believe you’re Chairman.".

With a WhimperEdit

During the Guardian Rebellion, Alvarez was captured and fitted with a Guardian Implant; he was killed by Reivia Utemaro's mass suicide order.


Alvarez was harsh in his responses, but at the same time, easily surprised.


- For some reason, Alvarez was constantly sick; beyond this fact, most of the Senators (and the people he represents) knew nothing about him

- The only reason that he kept his position was that, due to never showing up, he rarely caused problems